Tribute to the Old Girls
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C-Bar-C pays tribute to three of our best Old Girls...

It's time to divert the credit and attention from the boars for now. They have traditionally gotten top billing for successes, having their names listed in the catalogs as sire and sire of dam. What about the real heart of the herd? What about the troopers that work the hardest and give their all to produce and raise those valuable, exciting baby piggies we all love to watch and analyze and discuss and show off and brag about, the ones that live in those cramped crates for months without complaint, the ones that continue to cycle and conceive and farrow and raise litter after litter? The ones that stay SOUND and flexible and keep those girlish figures despite all odds against them. These girls headlined in this story are still out with the herd on rough terrain, no special treatment, perfect underlines and no signs of arthritis.


DRL0 Miss Woof Daddy 1-6
Farrowed 3-9-00

Purchased as a baby at the then Payne County Pig Sale (now Central Oklahoma Classic) in the Spring of 2000. Bred by Luter Show Pigs, Morrison, OK. Granddaughter of the record selling Kahuna (1992). Woofie was never shown (I had no kids to show her at the time). She has produced more district and state winners than any other sow on the farm. She had produced a litter every season since her first birthday, resulting in 14 litters as of this fall, with 75% of those selling for show pigs. Check the winner's page for photos of some of these winners:

Reserve Champion Gilt Fall Classic '03
Champion Barrow Tulsa State Fair '04
Reserve Champion Gilt Tulsa State Fair '04 (granddam)
OYE sale gilt '06
NW District Champion Berk '06

These are just the ones I know of. I'd like to hear from those who have "Woof Daddys" and how they have done both on the farm and in the showring. This photo and video were taken in August '07 just days before she delivered her 14th litter of 11 born alive, 11 weaned, 11 good!!!

Woofie is settled to Lumberjack ($2700 champion Berk prospect Fall Classic '07)
Her 16th litter is due in August.

Click to view first video of Woofie.    Click to view second video of Woofie.


Golden Kim 1-8.
Farrowed 9-5-00.

Sired by the great Deciple, this sow was a trade for a Chester gilt. To tell you the truth, I don't remember the guy's name as he showed up late one night with her in the trailer and after checking her out with a flashlight, I said sure let's trade. Absolutely massive top and butt and so long she seems to have an extra rib. According to her papers, she was bred by Miranda Stover from Shawnee. This is one of the few that will raise the runts, the split legs, and has never laid on a baby. Kimmi and Stress-Buster have been an interesting pair. The '03 OYE sale gilt was a late seller, slow bloomer. Another sleeper that was still here in late November went on to earn two Breed Champions, two Reserve Breed Champions, getting better every week. The Champion gilt at Tulsa in '03 was a sift and sold in the alley. Another one was a runt that left here as a feeder pig and came back to join the herd after a friend saw her and told me she had grown into an excellent replacement prospect (she produced my son's sale gilt Spring '07).
This picture was taken days before she farrowed her 12th litter; 10 live, 10 weaned. Hopefully, they won't sleep too long...

Check the winner's page for photos of some of these winners:

Champion OPB Texas State Fair '02
Sale gilt OYE '03
Champion gilt Tulsa State Fair '03 (Open)
Champion gilt Tulsa State Fair '07 (Open)
Reserve Champion NW District, Woodward, '04
5th place barrow OYE '04

Kimmi is settled to Bruno (Res. Champion Fall Classic '07)
Her 14th litter is due in August.

Click to view first video of Kimmi.    Click to view second video of Kimmi.


AJ6 Daisy 9-9.
Farrowed 8-19-96.
Passed 9-28-07. 11 years, 39 days.
(This Tribute was started before Lannie's demise)

The Best for Last. This is one phenomenal female. Not that she produced so many showring winners, but that she has built this herd of Berkshires. Bred by Alan Jennings, purchased as a baby pig at the Central Oklahoma Classic in Stillwater, Lannie went to friends in McAlester and was shown a few times - as a crossbred! No Berk classes offered, Lannie competed and placed at 3 shows - once being Reserve Champion cross (this photo is from that show). Her first big winner was the Champion Barrow at Tulsa in 1999. Her great-grandson, Ringo, was born here and his record is shown on the winners page as he sired almost all Berkshires pictured. Anyone who has visited our farm should have seen or at least had to listen to me bragging about the green-eyed sow, Lannie. You check this video (taken in the Fall of 2006) and see why this sow was one in a million. I got into the Berkshires because at the time, I felt they needed the most attention. Berkshires like Lannie were few and far between in 1996 - she was ahead of her time. Her difficulty raising Fall litters, due a heat intolerance, resulted in several Fall crop reductions/losses from '99 on - so it was Spring only until I got a system worked out for her and an old Spot that always had 5 pigs and could raise 14. She and Lannie became farrowing buddies, and Robin raised several litters for her through Fall '06, when Robin played out at the age of 6 (as most do). The fact remains that she cycled, bred and conceived throughout her 10th year, resulting in 18 pregnancies. She remained with the sow herd on 2 acres of rough terrain with rocks and downed trees, receiving no special treatment except for double rations and the occasional fresh grass treat. No signs of arthritis until the day before I found her stuck in the sow's pond. She was actually cycling her last day on this earth, hobbled over to the boars and flirted before she laid down for the last time. I won't list her descendents accomplishments, but have added them to the photos on the winner's page.

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I say goodbye to the best Berkshire sow ever to walk this planet. Her stem cell line is preserved at Cyagra Laboratories in Elizabethtown, PA.

Click to view first video of Lannie.    Click to view second video of Lannie.

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